Maisee | Year in Review

Over the past year, I have been delighted to document Maisee’s milestones and lay witness to a sweet baby turning into a bubbly, beautiful one-year-old. It truly is remarkable to see a child grow in a span of a year and I’m so glad that I was able to share these moments with the MacGibbon Family. Love, love, love how happy Maisee is through and through.


{4 months}

{9 months}

{1 year}

Don’t forget to make happy happen every day.

Insta-gratification – II

Whew, February and March have been quite busy! With work, traveling (for work), our staycation, remodeling projects, biking on the East Side of town, and yes, some picture-taking along the way. Although, most of my snapping away, as of late, has been via Instagram – I’m thrilled that I’m able to use a creative eye on the go. If I must confess, I’m a insta-gratification kind of gal, which translates to me and Instagram working out quite nicely together.

Because I’m obviously a fair-weather blogger, here are a few…okay, a ton of snaps from the previous two months. I couldn’t be more thrilled that April is just around the corner and not just because it’s my birth-month, even though that does play a huge part! I’ll be sharing some bridals and an engagement session with you all very soon! {Which reminds me, if you haven’t already, please “like” my kelley denby photography FB page when you have a chance}. Thanks!

Without further adieu, here are some of my favorite insta-moments from February and March:

New favorite hot spot in Austin – Easy TigerValentine’s Day surprise

Finally hung these vintage Star Wars posters, which made Kris very happy.

New Balance running kicks got me back out on the trail again.

Experienced some beautiful sun sets along the way.Went on my first UT campus tour

UT Tower

Visited my sister for the Houston cook-off

Girls weekend in my ol’ stomping grounds to see the Turnpike Troubadours and the Dirty River Boys {two new favorite bands}

Captain Augustus McCrae – “I never knew you to get excited about anything except biscuits maybe…and whores!” – Captain Woodrow Call {Lonesome Dove}

It was a happy birthday for the handsome husband with his new jacket

The beginning of SXSW got off to a wet and rough start

Once the rain cleared, we got to work on building the new pergola out back {Lucy Girl and I helped . . . sort of}

{Day 1}: SXSW day began at Gibson

Cheese plate at Gibson from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop {Best cheese in Austin}

{Day 2}: We started at Shangri-La for some free beer and music

Made a stop at Papi Tino’s to meet up with our friend, Vince

Next was Waterloo to see Lucero perform {Sam watching his Uncle Ben sing}

Ben Nichols of Lucero

{Day 3}: Hotel San Jose

Enjoying the beautiful weather

and amazing white sangria

Biked over to The White Horse, where we two-stepped the night away

until we ended the night at Auditorium Shores for the Counting Crows

{Day 4}: Celebrating St. Patty’s Day with my family at Dog n’ Duck Pub

Back to the cul-da-sac and back to reality with Lucy Girl

Kris back at it – building a headboard

Happy Spring to you all and, as always, more to come . . .